History is repeating itself during this spike

The old saying is history rhymes. I hear history singing a familiar song as we enter into another pandemic wave. The Delta variant is spreading through the United States. The maps show the virus flowing from the south to the north.

I’m still in an area maps show is still…

“They” are always watching

I was an Army brat, so I’m no stranger to the idea that someone might be watching. Who is watching is unknown. It could be the “bad guys” or maybe “the heroes.” I just remember seeing stickers on base telephones back in the 1970s warning someone could be listening to…

I’m excited about these two cryptocurrency projects despite the “crypto market crash” of spring 2021.

I’m excited about cryptocurrency.

Despite the “crash.”

I see this as a great opportunity to buy and catch up. When prices were super high, my little dollar-cost averaging purchases didn’t make that much of a difference.

However, now that everything is on sale, it is time to keep adding to…

Khloe Kardashian’s candid bikini photograph says a lot about our society’s views on beauty

I’m a sucker for celebrity stories. I think part of me loves reading how the famous people are just like us — regular people with regular hopes and fears.

That’s why the story of Khloe Kardashian wanting to hide an unfiltered photograph of her poolside in a bikini was so…

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