Embrace the Universe’s Love

Feel it course through your soul

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Selfie by Chris Hedges (me).

Laying in bed

Enjoying the morning’s dawning

A new day arrives

Full of promise

Full of life

Full of joy

I’m inspired to write a song

In the form of a post

Words from my mind

To this page

Flowing from energy

Started in the stars

Through time

And space

To me

Then to you

Endlessly flowing

In an eternal pool

Of power

And potential

And love

It is promised

That love lasts

It might be


Than your wants

But it is always

What you need

It will outlast

Everything else

When time ends

After the last star





Ever present

Ever lasting

Ready for

The cycle





I 💗 you! ♦Writer, photographer, web designer♦ chrishedges.co 🏳️‍🌈 ⚧️

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